What Are Piezoelectric Actuators And Their Uses?

Piezo Electric actuators are the actuators that are used as electric materials as their active material and possess a specific design to overcome the traditional limitations of the classic piezoelectric actuators.

Classical piezoelectric materials come with the strain of 0.1% which is practically not possible to get the significant stroke without any amplification displacement.

The Advanced Systems

If you want to reach the middle range, you have to use the amplification system. The piezo actuators tools are the amplified actuators that have been studied in the history and used in the Aerospace applications for example NASA. The space industry has an interest in the amplified piezoelectric actuators because of the high power density, high positioning accuracy, sufficient reliability, and consumption of low power at the time of quasi-static operations.

Uses Of Piezoelectric Actuators

Piezoelectric actuators can be made with nonmagnetic materials that will enable their usage in the MRI machines.

  • The amplified piezoelectric actuators do not come with any sliding parts because of the flexural hinges and thus do not require any lubrication.
  • Piezo technology is also used in the high-end technology market sectors such as mechanical, medical, and automotive engineering but at the same time, it is also used in everyday life such as ultrasonic vibrations generators such as cleaning bath for jewelry and glasses, etc.

Some More Facts

You can construct the piezoelectric systems for virtually any application where any other form of electromechanical transducer is used. Some of the limiting factors required for any particular application include weight, size, and the cost of the piezoelectric system.

This particular device has been used in most of the home appliances and furniture design requirements. It is tremendously used in the furniture industry such as to use in the lift and relaxing armchairs, desk, beds, workstations, etc.

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