Different Kinds of Home Alarm Systems Available These Days

If you are interested in upgrading your present security system or want to install a new one, you will find several types of solutions available for your home alarm. To select the best option for your home, there are a few common types of systems available.

Below, we discuss the various options available from any jacksonville home security company.

  1. Wired home alarm system

The most basic burglar alarm is a wired system. This system works by running a low-voltage electrical connection between two points in an entrance of a home, windows, and other entry points.

When doors and windows are closed, the current flows freely. When a door/window is opened, however, the circuit is broken, and the alarm will be activated.

  1. Wireless home alarm system

Wireless home alarm systems do precisely what their name implies: they are security systems that do not require the use of wires.

A control panel and several sensors with built-in RF transmitters are commonly used in these alarm systems. When your alarm system will be triggered, a signal will be sent to the control panel, which activates the alarm.

  1. Home alarm system – Unmonitored

These will rely either on you or someone in your immediate vicinity to notify authorities in the event of an emergency. When your system is tripped using an unmonitored system, audio and visual alarms are generated, but no monitoring center is informed to deploy emergency response teams.

  1. Home alarm system – Monitored

It’s always reassuring to know that someone you can trust is looking out for you. Comfort is what you will enjoy with any monitored home alarm system.

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