How To Save Money with PORTABLE TOILET?

If you’re planning an event or project that requires temporary restroom facilities, then renting a portable toilet is an excellent option. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but they can also save you money compared to other restroom options. Here are some tips on how to save money with a portable toilet rental:

  1. Rent the Right Number of Units

One of the most significant expenses when renting portable toilets is the number of units you need to rent. Rent too many, and you’ll be paying for unnecessary equipment, but rent too few, and your guests or employees will be uncomfortable, leading to potential issues. To determine the appropriate number of portable toilets, consider the number of people attending or working at the event or project, the duration of the event, and the availability of other restrooms nearby.

  1. Rent for the Right Amount of Time

Another way to save money when renting portable toilets is to rent them for the right amount of time. If you rent them for too long, you’ll be paying for equipment that isn’t being used, but if you rent them for too little time, you may have to pay additional fees for extending the rental period. Consider the length of the event or project, including setup and takedown time, to determine the appropriate rental period.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Portable Toilet

There are various types of portable toilets available for rent, each with different features and price points. Consider the needs of your guests or employees when choosing the type of portable toilet to rent. If you’re expecting a lot of families or children, consider renting a portable toilet with a baby-changing station. If you’re hosting an outdoor event in the hot summer months, consider renting a portable toilet with air conditioning.

  1. Keep the Portable Toilet Clean

Keeping the portable toilet clean can save you money in the long run. Most portable toilet rental companies offer cleaning services for an additional fee. However, you can reduce the number of times you need cleaning services by reminding guests or employees to keep the toilet clean. Consider placing signs with reminders to flush after use, throw away trash, and avoid leaving personal belongings behind.

In conclusion, renting a portable toilet can be a cost-effective option for providing temporary restroom facilities for your event or project. By renting the right number of units, renting for the right amount of time, choosing the right type of portable toilet, and keeping the portable toilet clean, you can save money and ensure a positive experience for your guests or employees.

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