Choosing the Right Valve – What are The Key Factors

It is important to choose the right material for the valve. A poor-quality valve will not last for long years. Most of the brass valves leak with passage of time. Lead leakage makes this tool much less desirable. Plastic tools are preferred in most of the cases. However, they generate lower burst pressure and hence many homeowners do not prefer them.

Importance of choosing the right material

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a specific manufacturing material for hot and cold water mixing unit. Plastic is a leading material in many industries as it does not corrode with time. The most commonly used plastic is PVC. The best part about polyvinyl chloride is it is resistant towards chemicals and even water. As they are resistant to corrosion, they do not cause jam. Fewer blockages of pipes simply means much better flow rate for long term.

Benefits of choosing plastic

The plastic tools are much simpler to install as compared to metal valves. All you need is a strap wrench to fix them. On the other hand, you need a couple of labors to install metal valves. When it comes to cost, plastic is quite cheaper than steel or brass. Not only this, they are lighter than other popular alternatives.

The bronze and brass valves are much stronger than plastic. Brass is widely used for industrial purposes. It has been rated higher than plastics and other alternatives in most of the cases. Brass as well as bronze provides strong resistance towards corrosion, especially saltwater corrosion.

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